Sifton Park Veterinary Clinic

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Our Staff


Dr. Eva Braze


Dr. Braze obtained her veterinary degree in Latvia in 1996.  Shortly after that she left for USA, where she worked for almost 4 years.  Since moving to Canada in 2000, she worked at a mixed animal practice for several years, before deciding to focus on companion animal medicine and surgery.  Dr. Braze has worked as a staff veterinarian in multiple small animal clinics in Edmonton and area, as well as an animal shelter.  She enjoys working with animal rescue organizations. Favourite part of veterinary medicine for Dr. Braze is surgery.

Dr. Braze shares her home with her husband, two children, and her dog Boser. 


Jamie Hockenhull-Ostrander

Practice Manager/Veterinary Assistant


Jamie's roots trace back to Northern Ontario where she gained her appreciation for animals and nature. After obtaining a zoology degree at the University of Guelph, she moved out west to explore and found herself settling in.

Jamie has three four-legged companions: Kneesa and Ben--two scruffy mongrels who accompany her on most of her travels and Poet the polydactyl who keeps an eye on the house while Jamie and the pups are off on their adventures.

Courtney Webber

Registered Veterinary Technologist


Courtney is originally from Cape Breton Island and moved to Alberta in 2016 to start her career as a Registered Veterinary Technologist with Sifton Park Veterinary Clinic.

After a childhood growing up surrounded by dogs, horses, chickens and her best friend Nemo, the cat, she knew she loved animals and wanted to work with them someday.  She ensures each patient she deals with is provided with a heartful of compassion and care.

When not at work, Courtney loves to hike.  She also is an avid foodie and enjoys all the food & music festivals Edmonton has to offer.  Courtney's home time is spent with her 3 critters.  Bane is the husky who hates the cold and loves sunbathing, Indie is the accident prone daredevil cat and Zera the cat, who keeps everyone in line.

Karen Anderson

Registered Veterinary Technologist


A native of Edmonton, Karen attended Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta and graduated with a Diploma in Animal Health Technology in 1988.  Since then, her experience in veterinary medicine ranged from a sheep station in Australia, mixed animal practice, educating future technologists and veterinarians and emergency medicine. 


Karen started with emergency medicine in 2002, acquiring her Veterinary Technician Specialty in Emergency & Critical Care in 2007.  Since then, Karen has lectured to conferences attendees, Veterinary Technology students, Veterinary students and individual groups.  She enjoys all aspects of emergency and critical care but has a special interest in nursing care, fluid therapy and pain management.

Karen joined the Sifton Park Veterinary Clinic in June, 2020.  She has enjoyed the move to General Practice and looks forward to getting acquainted with all the critters! In her down time, Karen participates in Canine Agility.  She also enjoys quilting, travelling and reading.


Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant

Lyndsey is a born and bred Edmontonian who has always had animals in her life.  She knows the most obscure facts that will never need to be known in everyday life, such as a Blue Whale’s arteries are so large that a human could swim through them. 

Lyndsey found her career later in life starting in an emergency vet as a volunteer, after which they hired her on as a TA and she never looked back. Now, she is studying online to become a VA and progress in her career for herself; to teach her daughter that it is never too late to do what you love, find what you love, and go back to school when you’re old enough to remember when kids were the remote control for the TV’s that were in big, wooden, ornate boxes that sat on the floor. 

Lyndsey likes to spend her time with her family and as much time as possible with her daughter. They are always out and about exploring new adventures; Fort Edmonton, the RAM, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, at the family lake house, helping her daughter to better herself in school and Ukrainian dancing (as Lyndsey is a retired Ukrainian dancer) and traveling around the province to take her daughter to Ukrainian dancing competitions. Working in the veterinary field is not just a “job” for Lyndsey; it is her second home and second family.

Grace Stemberger

Veterinary Medical Assistant

Grace has lived in Edmonton all her life: growing up she was always around animals which grew into a passion for the animal profession.  She started off working at various pet stores during high school before attending Lakeland College and completing the Veterinary Medical Assistant program.  Grace has worked with many different species of animals throughout her career, from reptiles and fish, farm animals at college, to marine animals such as sea turtles, sharks and sea lions at Marine Life.  Grace enjoys getting to be part of you pet's experience at the clinic and wants to ensure that are as happy as they can be during their visit.

Grace spends her time after work caring for her rescue puppy, Oakley, a miniature poodle cross, an old kitty named Bella and a 2 year old White Bellied Caique that answers to Murphy.


Director of Napping


George came to Sifton Park Veterinary Clinic after a short stint at the city pound in 2012. Dr. Braze gave him a second chance at life after she heard he was going to be put down for urinary issues. After responding to medications and being placed on a special urinary diet, George has thrived and now lives at the clinic.

Everyone who comes in knows and loves George and he has become our official greeter.  George rarely leaves his post at the front desk where he can be found fast asleep on his cozy bed. 

Nero - January 23, 2010 - August 6, 2021

Mischief Manager 


The staff at Sifton Park Veterinary Clinic suffered the sudden loss of Nero back in August of 2021.  It was unexpected and a shock to us all.

Both clients and staff, past and present, will always have fond memories of his escapades.  He will continue to live on in our hearts.